4 o sylwadau ar “(English) Time for the Movement to Box Clever

  1. Two clangers dropped mere days into his reign. Old Chopped Liver Chops Chuck will undoubtedly continue to be the gift that keeps on giving to republicans and filthy separatists throughout this island.

  2. My initial reaction was anger but then I thought about it and recognised that this role is totally symbolic, just another china mug or piss pot with Ch 111 R printed on it as a souvenir of events of Sept 2022 and whenever Carlo gets a formal coronation. As you say the final form of our constitution will be resolved after securing independence. Even dominion status, which has worked for others, would create a window for further discussion. I have republican ideals but having viewed the general standard of politician paddling around in the Welsh political swamp I’m not immediately persuaded that a radical shift would work. Too many people parading unworkable dogma, the “my way or no way” brigade ( or more likely platoon !) and a Bay Bubble that pays more attention to a cluster of off the wall ishoo peddlers that it ever pays to the real needs of the people out in its communities.

    By all means express outrage but our priority should be the isolation and removal of those dogs in the manger down the Bay who stand idly by and let all sorts of social, political and “entrepreneurial” misfits walk all over us. If we get those wasters replaced the problems with imposed royalty will tend to fade away.

    1. You describe a sort of parallel of the Bolshevik or Cuban revolution; get rid of the Tsars or Batista and end up with something even worse!

  3. Dear all, once again, I hear and agree with all of you, and I too was taken aback by the King’s C3 first speech ‘giving’ Cernyw and Cymru (in that order) to his eldest son! However, help may be forthcoming from an unlikely quarter, brother Harry and Megan…
    Harry the spare heir, and like his Uncle Andrew, the only two actual war vets at the Queen’s funeral, not allowed to wear military uniform and have less medals than the other Royals, may actually inadvertently aid our cause (Harry that is) as he’s only ended up with a chicken farm in California! Harry is the only Royal to have joined the Army (like his bio – Dad Hewitt!) and is not really at all like the rest of them.
    Watch this space…LW

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