(English) Time to Get Real on Energy

Mae’n ddrwg gennym, nid yw’r cofnod hwn ar gael yn yr iaith hon eto.

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  1. Something I wrote elsewhere on Jacothenorth’s site a few days ago –

    P.R lobbyists working for all sorts of renewables vested interests are having a field day about invasion of Ukraine. Not focussing on the bad boy Putin and his atrocities committed in the name of crushing Fascism but instead getting all excited about the energy deficit arising from over dependence on Russian gas and how this represents an unrivalled opportunity to take a great leap towards “Zero something”.

    Of course their solution is eminently predictable. Cover Wales with turbines, solar panels and fill the gaps with trees. Cracking rigour in that thinking. Renewables will end up being called “Unreliables” and we’ll all have to huddle together while we shiver and discuss our hunger pangs, as these thickos never thought about how we have to feed ourselves. That’s the zero we’ll end up with – zero life chances.

    As this article states we are already rich in renewables although those assets are held in anything other than Welsh hands right now. The position gets worse when we consider that the Welsh Government in Cardiff regards placing all its “energy eggs” in the baskets belonging to a range of non Welsh corporates. These entities are most commonly set up with the express purpose of extracting as much government aid as possible to locate, manufacture, install and commission turbines and then adding insult to injury extracting a further bundle in the form of green subsidy funded by green levy which we the suckers pay.

    I am open to a rational argument that we as a nation and indeed the whole world needs to transition to a much higher level of dependency on renewables. That should have been done on the basis of a thoroughly planned and carefully executed series of programmes, not the knee jerk random splashing of cash that we have witnessed over recent decades in the UK. Most likely the EU has also suffered from the same malaise. The end result,so far anyway, is that the older technologies have been binned before we have in place a robust cost effective alternative. Consumers certainly have not gained. Low income families were already in an energy crisis before this lot kicked off. The only winners are the opportunist corporates who have plundered the open range presented by politicians seeking to claim credit and prancing around waving their green credentials.

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