Un sylw ar “(English) Volunteers Not Wanted Here

  1. Something I put on Jac’s site recently –

    This ban on political leafletting is yet another example of the underhand methods used by the ruling regime and their accomplices down the Bay to disadvantage minority parties. “Oh” says the prick who advocates this rule, “this rule applies to all parties”. But he deliberately avoids the point that using alternative channels costs money.

    Now Y Senedd can be utterly fair by allocating an equal budget to all parties to meet such expense, a set amount for each constituency and region. Thus a minority party running in 10 constituencies plus 3 regions would get a proportionate handout compared with one of the bigger parties who would go for the full 40 + regionals. Of course it should then become illegal for parties to secure donations from wealthy backers for the purposes of mass communication. Or is that a touch too fair ?

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