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  1. Interesting article Stephen. Over recent years the SNP has shifted “leftwards” in a superficial way. What alarms me most is their drift into “ishoo” politics, the adherence to an extremist orthodoxy regarding Transgenderism, or more pertinently men dressing as women but doing little or nothing about their physical sexual characteristics. That’s a real drag ! In a similar vein the SNP has also embraced uncritically some of the elements of the green gospels without much regard for science and their flawed attachment to a version of net zero which requires a blast of pollution every so often to attain what amounts to a temporary net zero outcome. It is arguable that the canny Scots voters have concluded that putting the stroppy SNP into the driving seat at Holyrood and dominating Scottish representation at Westminster is a good way of maxing out on Wetsminster budgets. That does not in any way translate into a vote of confidence in the SNP leading Scotland into independence. I suspect the opposite will prevail until Scotland’s wealth base and political ideology is in safer hands.

    1. This won’t surprise you much, but you’re successfully anticipating some of the contents of tomorrow’s Part II!

      1. I’m not as thick as some would have you believe ! However I admire your capacity for well reasoned succinct analysis and presentation, something painfully absent in much of politics here in Wales and the wider U.K

  2. I like to think our recent email correspondences may have lent a little inspiration to this entry? 😉

    Westminster must be materially frightened of losing a referendum because common sense dictates if they really thought they’d have a crack at winning, they’d call it and throw everything at it to kill the issue stone dead for a lifetime.

    1. This Westminster regime doesn’t think like that. In order to appear “strong”, “united” etc etc it denounces any kind of opposition and just dismisses it with an array of insults and derogatory comments. Now a more cunning operator would just cut loose with a barrage of criticisms especially aimed at the plain daft attachment of SNP to the more extreme gender and climate/environment ideologies. This is what sits uncomfortably with the man and woman out in the country, essentially socially conservative just wanting to better themselves. The dependency would then come in behind that barrage to close the deal. Sadly the situation in Wales is not too different. We are probably ahead of Scotland in adopting some wet pseudo socialist policies and are following along willingly into the gender minefield. The bullshit about being a caring nation of sanctuary kind of sums up the posing virtue signaling that our politicians thrive on. Some of this nonsense seems to be thriving in London among Tories as well as Labour. They all seem to be drawn to any old nonsense that enables them to divert away from dealing with harsh realities.

      1. Since immigration is reserved to Westminster it’s a bit silly to try to be a nation of sanctuary isn’t it?

        1. Bit late responding on this matter but you are broadly correct. However the drips in the Bay bubble, and there are several buckets full, extend the caring, sanctuary hypocrisy in a direction which often damages our own communities which are already struggling. Fetching in dysfunctional units, families or individuals, from the large metropolitan authorities in England makes no sense whatsoever when those people are an almost instant drain on our underperforming, poorly funded education, social services and health systems.

          1. Don’t disregard the venal, grasping, self-serving instinct here. Am I right in the notion that palms are greased in these sordid little exchanges?

  3. Dear all, I happen to agree with yourselves, and glad that you’re not worried about calling – out the ‘3 g’s’:
    Green / Gender / Garbage that clogs up the serious political issues somewhat!
    I am pinning my hopes on Alex Salmond’s Alba Party to ‘save’ the Independence ‘deal’, much likened to Gwlad’s future role in Cymru’s push for the ‘Big I’ !

  4. I’m curious, why was Gwlad “Appalled” at AUOB having one of the Shinners speaking at their rally in Wrexham?

    1. In the still-not-all-that-distant past, they were the political wing of the IRA, openly supporting acts of terrorism; more recently, they’ve become a hard-left ‘progressive’ party of the sort that Plaid Cymru seems to want to emulate, but that moderate voters find repellent.

      Our concern is that associating the independence movement with this sort of thing may well energise part of the existing ‘base’, but will not widen its appeal; and widening the appeal is what these events are supposed to be about.

      1. Makes sense. Along the lines of what I assumed, at least the IRA connection bit anyway.

      2. 2 things – your timer on the comments suggests that responded to you before your comment was published. Spooky !

        As for Sinn Fein I have no axe to grind with them although their direction of travel suggests that the wokish trend is more successful at subverting SF than Brit intelligence ever was. However much of the “affection” that flows from some Plaid members and other Welsh “revolutionaries” is based on a romantic idealised view of their campaigns which is about as far removed from reality as anyone could ever wish for. If these people were called upon to engage in a campaign of violence here and now, they would disperse without trace back into the peacenik protest movement from which they came.

        1. There is I’m certain a bug in the comment timestamp code, I’ve spotted it and brought it up before.

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