Dau sylw ar “(English) Wales Is Not Ireland

  1. Ireland’s mess is now 100 years old. SF is at the heart of that mess although not necessarily its cause , look more to DeValera and his successors who created a weird state for far too long. However SF contributed to the prolonging of myths and now looks for a new role as flag bearer for a new mix of myths – some wokish, some old hard line leftist, some racist. Funny old mix really and not likely to win over the undecided.
    Wales’ mess is made up of an entirely different chemistry. Not likely to get violent other than the kind of nastiness facilitated by modern web based media. The debacle within YC last summer is evidence that there exists a potential for creating a movement for silly stupid people within Wales. And don’t think it was just the handful of dopes who did the hijacking, there were loads of people in Plaid who would have accepted such a drift until it would become evident much later that nutters had taken over the asylum. So the big threat in my humble opinion is that of deception and fragmentation. My cynical suspicious side suggests that events of last summer were played by people who have a vested interest in derailing the progress of any kind of independence movement. Despite the wishful thinking of others I conclude that worked well for them and recovery will take a long time if at all.
    Such antics serve to prolong Labour’s time in Wales and Price’s recent moves only reinforces that. In terms of building a country with a sound economy as part of its foundations it is a massive setback. It sets the tone, one where we are more likely to continue in the dependency culture looking for handouts from London with most of the loot being dished out to government departments, local authorities and third sector organisations who inhabit the public spending and grant aid space leaving very little for anyone else. The prospect of a vibrant privately owned sector leading the growth of the economy seems very remote and that suits so many people who currently have a stake in the existing status quo.

  2. Another, I think, very salient difference is the fact that for us, the word ‘British’ is not some divisive badge of identity that really makes no geographical sense, but a neutral descriptor for the island on which we sit. We can therefore, reclaim it as there is no logical basis for us not to, nor any sense in claiming we can’t.

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