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  1. Language has always held the independence movement back – with English only speakers worried about becoming second class citizens in an independent Wales. We need to allay those fears if we are to reach our goal of an independent and prosperous Wales. We need some English only speakers from Gwent and Deeside to champion the cause.

    1. Yes, the figures reported by Dafydd Trystan – independence support of 65% among Welsh-speakers but only 20% among non-Welsh-speakers – was very striking. It was good that our man on the Gwlad stand for much of the day was Ebbw Vale boy Calen Jones, but we need many more like him.

      1. We need to avoid it ‘dovetailing’ with any demographics of any kind, lest it end up something like in Ireland, where nationalism/republicanism is to this day overwhelmingly a Catholic ‘thing’.

    2. Yes, i wouldn’t disagree with that Mike.

      Even from the perspective of someone whose main independence driver is the continuation of Cymraeg as a living language.

      “A raid i’r iaith ein gwahanu?” was the question asked by philosopher JR Jones in the 1960ies.

      NO was his answer then and it’s still a NO today.

      We have to reach out to more English-speakers- but paradoxically at the same time- we could create more Welsh-speakers in future by doing so as well.

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