The world is full of small countries which have powered ahead, economically and socially, since achieving their independence. We believe that Wales should be one of them: a prosperous, successful independent country enjoying good relations with its neighbours and comfortable in its own skin.


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This won’t be achieved by wishful thinking; it will take people who are prepared to take a long hard look at Wales as it is today, to see what’s good and what isn’t, and to look for practical, workable solutions. Policies that will grow the Welsh economy, provide real opportunities for people right across the country, and enable everyone who lives here to hold their heads high.

This is GWLAD’s mission.


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Why is it that, twenty years after Devolution, Wales is poorer relative to the rest of the UK than it’s ever been?


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Why is it that, over ninety years after the formation of the first Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, over 90% of the electorate refuse to vote for them?


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It’s time to move beyond wishful thinking and adopt fresh thinking. Casting aside the discredited socialism of the Labour Party, which has achieved nothing except to cement that party’s hold over Wales by keeping it poor. Equally, casting aside the idea that Wales can only survive if it can receive constant handouts from powerful and far-away benefactors, whether they be in London or Brussels.

We will not tie ourselves to an ideology but will take ideas that work, from any source. Other people can place us somewhere on the political spectrum if they want to. We will not.

Our instincts, though, are for freedom: national freedom has to be aligned to individual freedom – free thought, free speech and free action. All underpinned by a commitment to enterprise and free markets. No force has ever proved so effective at sweeping away tyranny and poverty, and allowing people to live to their full potential.

In voting decisively for Brexit in 2016 and rejecting the ‘Remain Alliance’ in 2019, Welsh voters showed that they believe in the importance of the Nation State rather than belonging to a distant Union. Wales is a Nation. It ought to be a State.

Now, more than ever before, Wales needs to stand on its own feet and take control of its own destiny. We cannot succeed by blaming others for our problems. We need to take the responsibility if we want to enjoy the rewards.


  • An independent sovereign state for Wales
  • A Citizens Income for all citizens
  • A fair and simple Flat Tax system
  • Unlocking Wales’s renewable energy potential
  • A working countryside with opportunities for the young
  • Improving road and rail infrastructure throughout the country
  • Prioritising housing for local people