Tri sylw ar “(English) Paying Our Debts

  1. Any thoughts on whether 250 years of unpaid coal royalties (+interest) could be thrown into the mix when calculating our share of the national debt? That should bring it down nicely.

    1. Any thoughts on recompense for Welsh gold, water, slate, coal and other assets stolen from Wales for the benefit of others

      1. ‘Reparations’ – payments made in the present as compensation for past wrongs – whether paid in the form of cash or ‘stuff’, are rarely a good idea in economics terms.

        Reparations from Germany after the First World War were the immediate cause of the depression that affected the South Wales Valleys in the 1920s; an economy flooded with unearned gold in the 17th Century set Spain’s development back by centuries.

        More here:

        It would not be our policy to seek reparations from the rUK as part of any independence settlement.

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