(English) Paying Our Debts

(English) One of the common arguments used against Welsh Independence is that we could not afford to pay our share of the very large UK National Debt.

But if this share is properly calculated according to international norms, an independent Wales would be due a hefty cash rebate from the UK government making the remaining debt payments much more manageable. Darllen Mwy

(English) Whose National Insurance?

(English) The recent Government Expenditure & Revenue Wales Report (GERW) published by the Wales Governance Centre indicated that Wales is currently running a large and unsustainable budget deficit. However, within the detail of the report it is clear that our devolved Wales is being forced to carry costs that an independent Wales would not need to carry. Darllen Mwy

(English) Repurposing the DVLA

Why would we need the massive DVLA in an independent Wales?

(English) An independent Wales would need all sorts of government data to be processed, not just driving licences, but including for example registration of births, death and marriages; passport and visa applications; customs and excise duties; value-added tax; corporation tax; etc. All of these activities are currently managed at different data centres across the UK, but in the future we would need to do this ourselves. The obvious solution would be to redesignate the DVLA as the central data processing centre for all Welsh government activity. The IT infrastructure is already in place as are the highly trained staff. Darllen Mwy