Brynglas Repeats Itself

The only answer to Boris Johnson and his type; a Gwlad activist places a much more purposeful message over the 'England Expects' monument on Nelson's column near Pont Menai.

BRWYDR Brynglas(1402), was a pivotal point in Owain Glyndwr’s fight for Welsh Independence. Now a new Battle of Brynglas is upon us with UK prime minister Boris Johnson threatening to by-pass Y Senedd completely and build a new M4 relief road around Newport. Read More

Taken For a Ride Once Again

Plans for proposed Ineos site at Bridgend, which has now been mothballed.

ONE of the recurring features of the Welsh Labour Government is their ability to fritter away public money on big projects that never materialise. Yesterday, we saw a further example of this with car manufacturer Ineos’s decision to mothball plans for a new 4×4 production plant in Bridgend. Read More

Tweeting Troubles Yet Again

THE tweeting problem which felled a Labour Shadow Cabinet member has also surfaced here in Wales.
Rebecca Long Bailey was sacked by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for re-tweeting an article which was critical of Israel.
Now a Plaid politician is facing an internal party inquiry following her tweet relating to the same matter. Read More

A Two-Capital Nation

Montenegro, a nation with two capitals, an 'official' capital and an 'honorary' capital. An example for Wales to consider

One transformative policy of ours is to seek a more de-centralized Wales

To re-balance political and cultural power in Wales to better reflect the nature of life in this nation. Read More